Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welcome on SharpenFX!

Hi everyone!
Welcome to my new blog! That's my first blog ever and I'm planning to focus it on my greatest passion: kittens.
Ok, ok, also visual effects, but I'm sure you agree with me about the awesomeness of kittens!
I've spent a few days on restyling the template because, well, I'm a graphic designer so it was my duty! I hope you like it!

About the title of the blog, I was looking for a cool, yet effective name, so I'm ended up with an adjective about the visual effects I do: sharpen like a bullet, invisibile and "lethal". The idea of the logo came along with.

I had fun creating the logo, setting up the stage on my bedroom according to my vision: I dig the result, I hope you like it too.
The main light was a TV on snow crash, then two ambient lights (one lamp with a blu gel in front of it and my PC's monitor tuned on a green-ish image); the surface was an old PC case.
Picture token with my loyal EOS 450D and 17-85 lens.

Logo picture's lights set up.

The main purpose of this blog is hosting my newborn Showreel that I've edited in the past weeks: every shots are from my main project, Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy, and I'm really proud about my jobs there.
Choosing the best shots to put in it was a hard work because even if I'm really peeky and perfectionist, I'm in love with dozens of them, I hope to had choose a good equilibrium between entertainment and technical stuff.

I'm planning to create a personal website sooner or later, but I guess this blog is working fine for now.

If you are into visual effects or you are just interested, please follow me in this crazy journey!

See you!



  1. Already bookmarked your blog. I have to say I´m really impressed with your showreel. I´m a self-taught compositor, but your work showed me that I´m just an amateur :) Amazing work, my friend. Definitely will be following you on your crazy journey.

    Greetings from Venezuela.

  2. Hey Astolfo, thanks for your kind words!
    I'm pretty far from real professional graphics, but I guess I'm moving in the right direction.
    I suggest you to jump on a project like MGS: Philanthropy and use it to increase your experience and rising your level!
    Good work and show me some of your works!


  3. You're doing a really impressive work indeed. I'd like to work on a similar project too =).

    Did you learn mostly by yourself ? Don't you know some good tutorials, books or else that could help me learn FX tricks ?

    Will you post some tutorials too ?

    Too many questions at once, sorry ^^' !

  4. Hi Murazaki, thanks for your feedback!

    I've started my learning with online tutorials like the basics for Combustion from the Autodesk's site (former Discreet) and a bit of Video Copilot: even if I was working on Combustion, doing tutorials for After Effects was useful in order to understand the technique instead learning which buttons push.

    Obviusly having an entire movie to work on was really great for my experience!
    About two years ago I started to study at , a really high-end tutoring site for visual effects and filmmaking in general: I strongly suggest to join it if you really want to improve your knowledge.

    Here some good website with free tutorials:

    About doing tutorial by myself, I have to find a bit of spare time, but I'd definetly love it!
    What kind of technique would you like to learn from me?



  5. GOD !! hey Alessandro, first, Thank you so much for adding your name in my blog. i am happy, i learn too much from people like you, (free style of working) , i joined institute but learned myself from online tutorials,show-reels by professionals taught me much.
    i had in lack of inspiration, better source for work in my studying period.
    so i made a blog containing inspirational post for All cg students, professionals and other interested guys.
    here in your post box, i'm feeling like a family. cause Astolfo and Murazaki tell same here what i felt and thought to write u.
    i decide to post your Compositing reel on my Blog, students are going to watch, inspire and create new works.
    Thank you !!

  6. Hey Akash, first of all, great name! Seriously, sounds badass! ;)
    I love your blog because collects the best works you can find around... and saves me lots of time! :D
    As artist, I'm really aware about how much the inspiration is important during a design and I spend hours and hours just to find the right feel of a graphic or effects: usually I see them in my mind before start to work.
    Would be an honor to appear on your blog, I'd take a look for the feedbacks ;)


  7. THank U , yes !! that's first ever comment on my blog, and for my name too.
    with conservation with you feeling like ...... cant say, i found one, finally i found a one who are inspired,hungry for unique designs, better works. who inspired me too through his work, & who is replying.
    GREAT. Ale .
    i will personally show Your reel to my some friends and tell you their responses.
    But one thing , my blog is not yet popular so much, but becoming. and guys often see,download a video or image that is good for them and walk out from the blog. very least people do comments. so i cant assure you. but ofcourse in upcoming days when you do more works and update somewhere , i'll upload them too, perhaps more people know me or my blog till then.

    Celebrating your comment !