Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welcome on SharpenFX!

Hi everyone!
Welcome to my new blog! That's my first blog ever and I'm planning to focus it on my greatest passion: kittens.
Ok, ok, also visual effects, but I'm sure you agree with me about the awesomeness of kittens!
I've spent a few days on restyling the template because, well, I'm a graphic designer so it was my duty! I hope you like it!

About the title of the blog, I was looking for a cool, yet effective name, so I'm ended up with an adjective about the visual effects I do: sharpen like a bullet, invisibile and "lethal". The idea of the logo came along with.

I had fun creating the logo, setting up the stage on my bedroom according to my vision: I dig the result, I hope you like it too.
The main light was a TV on snow crash, then two ambient lights (one lamp with a blu gel in front of it and my PC's monitor tuned on a green-ish image); the surface was an old PC case.
Picture token with my loyal EOS 450D and 17-85 lens.

Logo picture's lights set up.

The main purpose of this blog is hosting my newborn Showreel that I've edited in the past weeks: every shots are from my main project, Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy, and I'm really proud about my jobs there.
Choosing the best shots to put in it was a hard work because even if I'm really peeky and perfectionist, I'm in love with dozens of them, I hope to had choose a good equilibrium between entertainment and technical stuff.

I'm planning to create a personal website sooner or later, but I guess this blog is working fine for now.

If you are into visual effects or you are just interested, please follow me in this crazy journey!

See you!